Extra Cleaning Measures 

The SG Clean campaign seeks to rally stakeholders and members of the public to do their part, by adopting good personal habits and social responsibility, to raise standards of cleanliness and public hygiene in Singapore and safeguard public health. To help prevent community spread of COVID-19, it has been necessary to make adjustments to social norms in Singapore.

While the SG Clean campaign will help to reduce public health risks from the current COVID-19 situation, the longer-term objective is to instil greater awareness of good hygiene and cleaning practices, and to ensure that these are sustained at high levels beyond the current COVID-19 outbreak. Everyone can play a part in keeping themselves and others around them safe, by adopting good personal habits. For more information on good hygiene habits, view here.

Source: https://www.sgclean.gov.sg/about/

Little Bear’s House is committed to the SG Clean Campaign and to ensure that our staff, customers and any visitors are safe. As part of this we will only be operating a play by appointment program and not walk in sessions.

Additional Cleaning and Safe Distancing Details 

Following each play session, the employee on shift will ensure:

  • The disinfecting of all the toys in the play space
  • Floors are to be sanitized using disinfectant and the steam mop
  • Mats in toddler area are to be wiped with disinfectant wipes
  • Toilets and bathrooms are to be cleaned and surfaces to be disinfected
  • Changing and nursing areas to be cleaned and disinfected
  • Front of house to be wiped and disinfected
  • Pantry and facilities to be wiped and disinfected
  • Any rubbish from bins and changing rooms to be removed

Following the last play session of the day all actions above to be completed as well as following the additional steps for the Sanitation and Hygiene Checklist from SG Clean.

If you have any concerns please do email us at: info@littlebearshouse.sg to ask us any questions.

All customers and visitors to the shop are required to have booked in advance either via the website or through confirmation with the management. Payment for services to be completed via Paynow, Paywave, or transfer.

As part of the safe distancing requirements we have limited the number of visitors 8 individuals from two family/households for one play session including adults and children.

Play sessions are limited to 2 hours total and safe distancing measures are required from the staff and visitors.

All visitors are required to register their visit with the SAFE ENTRY QR Code.

All visitors will be temperature screened as per normal procedures and a visual check for cold like symptoms as well as HFMD to be conducted. Anyone exhibiting symptoms or a temperature of above 37.5 will not be permitted to enter the play space.

Masks must be worn by all entrants at all time including children. Exceptions for children under the age of 2 years old.

Keeping play safe and clean