Easter Fun 

Some active fun at home.

Egg and spoon relay race:

You will need:

 – Plastic eggs or ping pong balls

 – Table spoons

– 3 baskets or other containers


Place the basket of eggs at the start line

Place one empty container per paritcipant at the finish line

Give each participant a spoon

Each participant places an egg on their spoon and races to place the egg in the container at the finish line

Run back to the start line to collect another egg and repeat until all the eggs or ping pong balls are gone

The winner is the person with the most eggs in their finish line container!

Follow up activity:

We followed this up with snack time and then some Easter colouring which we printed off of the internet

We talked about the letter ‘E’ and words that start with ‘E’ like Easter, Egg, Elephant

We then did an elephant dance and sang Nelly the Elephant, by which time it was time for lunch!