Easter Bunny Craft 

Some active fun at home.

Toilet roll Easter Bunnies:

You will need:

 – Toilet rolls

 – Glue stick

– Coloured paper or paints and paint brushes

– Scissors

– Marker pen

-Googly eyes (optional)


Cut 2, 1 cm wide sections from the bottom of a toilet roll: these will be your bunny ears

Either paint or wrap a toilet paper roll in coloured paper 

Paint your bunny ears

Glue or draw googly eyes on to your painted or paper-wrapped toilet roll

Draw a funny face on your toilet paper bunny

Stick the painted toilet roll hoops together side by side and push them into the the top of your toilet roll bunny- secure with glue

Tada- Toilet roll Easter bunny!


Water race:

You will need:

 – 2 or 3 buckets or other large recepticals depending on the number of participants

 – 1 or 2 cups deoending on the number of participants

– Water


Fill the largest bucket with water and place it at the start point with 1 or 2 cups 

Place the empty buckets at the finishing point

Each participant fills his or her cup with water at the starting point and races to fill his or her bucket at the finishing point- you will need a steady hand and good hand-eye coordination to minimise spills!

Race back to the start line to refill your empty cup

Repeat until the bucket at the starting point is empty

The winner is the person with the most water in his or her finishing point! bucket

Follow on Activity

We played pouring with more buckets and jugs for a little while and then used the water to water our vegetable patch. Then it was time for lunch!