About Us

Little Bear’s House is a place of comfort and engaging play. It is a place where families can connect and play in a clean and relaxing space.

We aim to provide our guests with a space where children can be children and adults can help them learn and to engage with their imaginations.

We provide toys that are of a high quality, but do not require batteries and do not have screens. Toys that children can play with that are educational and fun at the same time.

We encourage children to be curious, to be creative and to be children. We aim to encourage healthy development for children and promote family interactions.  Our toys are changed every 4 weeks to keep the playhouse exciting and fresh for our guests.  

Cleanliness is key. We provide a hygienic space where children can play safely and enjoy themselves.  We look to engage children of all ages and will cater to different ages with different styles of play. The house contains several different sections which can be seen below and in the Types of Play section. 

Indoor play Centre  at Little Bear's House Singapore

Types of Play


We aim to provide toys to help children develop spatial awareness while teaching them about colors, shapes and basic counting.


Train sets provide the opportunity to have fun and to develop communication and interaction skills.


Children use toys such as dolls houses to mimic real life scenarios, they gradually learn valuable life and social skills.


Role playing and acting out various experiences they may have had or something that is of some interest to them.


Puzzles are important educational learning tools for children as well as being fun


Sometimes it is just about having fun and spending time together



Little Bears House is a place for indoor fun and play in Singapore. Come and enjoy our wooden toys which are good for all ages. We cater to kid’s of all ages and it’s a place of great family fun.  With popular interactive elements and  well-designed spaces there is something for everyone and you can enjoy quality family time. Toddlers day out. Train sets, doll house and imaginary play